60 Million NFTs Could be Minted in a Single Transaction – Ben-Sasson

Jamal Molla
Written By Jamal Molla
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Recently, StarkWare founder Eli Ben-Sasson said there is every possibility that 60 million NFTs could be minted in a single transaction. The co-inventor of Zero-Knowledge (zk) spoke about this on Sunday throughout ETH Seoul after revealing the commencement of the production of StarkWare Recursive Validity Proof technology.

In an address with Cointelegraph, Ben-Sasson emphasized how the recursive validity proofs can intensify transaction output by at least ten times paralleled to the regular Validium scaling. He further indicated that the company has already started rolling up 600,000 mints of NFTs on the ImmutableX protocol.

Ben-Sasson explained, “I would say the minimum I would say is 10x […] We’ve been putting 600,000 mints of NFTs, which resulted in a 10 gas per mint. At the very least, we can now take 10 of such proofs and generate a recursive proof of all 10 of these things. At the very least, we could reach six million, which is in the near term. That’s something that would be very easy to do.”

In another development, Roblox, the leading MetaVerse game, is significantly oversold as it tries to encourage younger adults and teens to participate in the platform. However, StarkNet is a decentralized and Permissionless platform that uses Validium to balance transactions. Validium combines thousands of transactions to form a single transaction. However, the latest StarkNet recursive validity proof technology can potentially aggregate several Validium blocks into one proof.

The technology might change everything for Ethereum since layers-2 scaling solutions such as StarkNet and zk-Rollups can offload a lot of their network congestion. Now, Ethereum’s mainnet processes transactions within 12 to 15 transactions per second. During the presentation at ETH Seoul, Ben-Sasson indicated that recursion is wonderful for scaling since it minimizes gas costs, offers lower latency, and has higher proof capacity.

In addition, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin also spoke during the ETH Seoul conference, where he expressed enthusiasm about the recent happenings. He stated, “In the longer term, ZK-Rollups will eventually beat Optimistic Rollups because they have these fundamental advantages, like not needing to have a seven-day withdrawal period.”

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