AdaTimeStamp Launches New NFT that makes Time Tradable

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The team recently announced the release of a new NFT that makes time tradable. According to the company, “On September 10th 2022, collectors will be able to trade moments in time through Cardano’s NFT technology.

Run by, the team dedicated its time to developing, a unique NFT through which time can be traded.

Built on the popular Cardano blockchain, the team combined ‘blockchain time’ with ‘real time’ to create immutable and irrefutable NFT moments representing unique days since the blockchain’s establishment.

Max van Rossem, AmsterdamNode’s co-founder expressed confidence in the innovation’s importance to NFT artists, collectors, and digital leaders.

The experienced collector believes that NFTs are interesting considering the limited supply caused by time limits. Besides, each moment expressed by an NFT will hold intrinsic and/or sentimental value.

From artists’ standpoint, the team hopes to build a unique ‘shared museum’ similar to the r/place section of Reddit where users are allowed to place pixels on a shared canvas. More so, AdaTimeStamp collectors can share a large customizable timeline. Each artist has the privilege and a platform where they can create and hang their personalized moments in the immutable museum.

Digital leaders aren’t left out of the equation. They will have a timeless legacy that will stand for generations to come.

In a Litepaper, the AdaTimeStamp team explained that “AdaTimeStamp is a collective way that allows humanity to leave behind messages and gift pieces of immutable legacy. Want to commemorate the birth of a child? You can. Want to write about the moment Cardano’s first smart contract executed? You can. Want to write down a joke that you think someone might enjoy in a few hundred years? Go right ahead.

Not only will what you add to the museum’s ledger endure, but it will be discoverable in a beautiful curated digital space. Through this shared canvas of time, anyone can paint knowledge, creativity, and achievements that can resonate together for generations. These aren’t your dad’s NFTs… they’re your grandchildren’s.”

The immortal legacy will be opened to the general public on September 10, 2022, to allow interested parties to participate in the legacy.

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