Cadbury Gems Launches An NFT Campaign

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Cadbury Gems, a multinational chocolate manufacturing company, has made a huge move in the blockchain and NFT space. The company made this known today in a news release, as it announced a new campaign geared towards the NFT space

with a philanthropic purpose. According to the company’s spokesperson, the campaign is tagged “the Junior NFT campaign.” Experts believe that the move by Cadbury Gems to join the NFT bandwagon will further open up the space for stiff competition.

Cadbury Gems will be working with GuardianLink, a blockchain platform, to actualize the new campaign. The partnership with GuardianLink is the company’s first move in the blockchain space. GuardianLink will be responsible for converting all the artworks created by children into NFTs. We earlier wrote that NFTs Winning Damien Hirst’s Art Experiment.

Before now, Cadbury has partnered with Save The Children, a campaign developed to assist the less privileged and vulnerable children from across the world, through which proceeds from the sale of NFTs will be donated to further help privileged and vulnerable children. The “Save The Children” campaign promises to send the less privileged and vulnerable children back to school and also ensure that they receive quality education.

As soon as the new NFT campaign starts to gather momentum, interested members of the public will then get the opportunity to purchase NFTs with their fiat money. In fact, Cadbury made it clear that from mid-July, parents will be invited to upload their children’s artwork to the microsite for possible sale.

Cadbury Will Create A NFT Gallery

The new campaign by Cadbury Gems will have an online NFT gallery where parents will be able to view their children’s artworks on the microsite after uploading them. Buyers will also have access to the online NFT gallery to help them make an informed buying decision. Upon a successful purchase of an NFT, the assets will be transferred to a buyer’s wallet.

According to Ramkumar Subramanian,  GuardianLink’s co-founder and CEO, “GuardianLink aims at elevating the potential of NFTs by associating with brands and artists across the globe. We will be hosting NFT auctions to raise funds for the education of underprivileged kids around the country. We hope our campaign works as a springboard and inspires thousands of parents focused on nurturing and contributing toward the passion of their children. We are eager to see the response and look forward to receiving support for the brand’s first NFT with a cause.”

NFT Campaign To Extend Educational And Psychosocial Support In Critical Areas

The campaign by Cadbury Gems will not only fuel the less privileged and vulnerable children’s passion for education, it will also provide them with the basic necessity of life and tools to support their education. Experts believe that with the joining of Cadbury Gems into the NFT space, a massive revolution in the space in unlikely in the coming weeks.

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