Chris Brown’s NFTs collection experiences low buyers

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Do you want to purchase a 3D animation image of Chris Brown collecting MetaVerse energy? You can be part of the 297 people who already purchased the Breezyverse NFT, a new album.

Breezyverse’s July 1 unveiling is a tragic demonstration of how a celeb NFT acquisition may go awry. Breezyverse, a library of 10,000 NFTs, is comparable to the famous Doodles and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collections.

Each NFT possesses unique characteristics despite being built on the exact blueprint. In this instance, it features a Chris Brown animation standing on shattered glass and trying to strike a dramatic attitude. In selected shots, the moon can be seen in the distance, while in others, Chris Brown appears to be composed of untainted gold.

Contrarily, the NFT collection didn’t perform as expected. Numerous famous NFT collections are in high demand and frequently sold within an hour or even a minute. Only 7 percent of the entire collection had been sold within a week since its release.

It’s challenging for new NFT galleries to remain profitable with the declining bitcoin market. However, by trading each NFT for 0.35ETH, or $ 440, the Breezyverse team and Chris Brown complicated issues. On average, new collections often cost less than 0.1 ETH ($126). Since the year started, Ethereum’s price has plunged by 67% due to market instability.

Brown’s supporters have a website called Breezyverse. They receive unique benefits from it, including free VIP concert tickets, meet-and-greets, and video chats with Brown. Unfortunately, most NFT market participants are more interested in trading NFTs for cash than in attending VIP events.

The Breezyverse team was asked for their comments, but there wasn’t any response.

Previous incidents of celebrity NFTs sales

Put it another way; it just shows that crypto investors are nothing like the rest of us. It is estimated that about $24 billion was spent on NFTs in the previous year. Several celebrities and businesses have attempted but were unsuccessful in making a profit from NFTs. 

For John Cena, WWE attempted to trade 500 NFTs, but only 37 people purchased the merchandise. A “catastrophic calamity,” according to him. In Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ubisoft included NFTs. However, most of the game players disliked them and disabled their use.

Numerous artists have experimented with NFT, including Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem.

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