Cryptopunks and BAYC Floor Values Go Head-to-Head as Punks top BAYC

Jamal Molla
Written By Jamal Molla
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Based on statistics compiled by cryptocurrency exchange ranking platform, Cryptopunks and BAYC floor values go head-to-head. This week’s sales volume for NFTs is 18.75% lower than the previous week’s amount. This week’s sales are about $15,087,189 million, whereas Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) rose 61.47 % from last week’s amount.

With this week’s sales totaling $4,517,133, Cryptopunks is the sixth major collection based on NFT sales. However, its sales have declined from the previous week. Cryptopunks has temporarily switched positions with BAYC based on floor value, even though sales have been slower than usual this week. Notwithstanding, NFTs spectators are still wondering if this is why BAYC NFT Sells for 777 ETH, or US$1.4 Million.

As of August 21, 1:45 pm EST, Cryptopunk’s lowest price was 66.45 ETH, or $107,866. Nevertheless, the BAYC minimum price dipped to 64.99 ETH, or $105,623. All day long, the two companies have been shouldering each other. BAYC, in the late afternoon, took control of the floor value.

Looking back to July 26, 2022, the NFT floor values tend to tell a different story. BAYC was the least expensive during that period, with 28 Ether as its floor price. However, Cryptopunks came second with a floor price of 73.95 Ether. Actually, data gathered from indicates that BAYC consistently held the position as the top floor value for over months.

After last week’s intellectual property licenses release for Meebits and CryptoPunks, both NFTs companies are battling it head to head. This release from Yuga Labs makes it possible for owners of Meebits and CryptoPunks NFTs to use their art for personal and commercial purposes. Although Yuga Labs licenses cover BAYC NFTs, research from Galaxy Digital tends to refute such assertions, as the license that covers BACK, BAYC, and MAYC NFTs has critical inconsistencies.  

Currently, CryptoPunks is ahead of BAYC’s floor value. However, BAYC flipped CryptoPunks’ floor value on December 22, 2022. During this period, BAYC’s lowest price was 53.9 ETH, whereas CryptoPunks valued at 52.69 ETH. Since BAYC overtook CryptoPunks in December, it has been the best floor value.

With the recent flip that took place early Sunday afternoon, BAYC has taken the leading position. As of 4:00 pm (EST), the floor value of BAYC was 68.48, whereas CryptoPunks is worth 66.45 ETH.

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