F.C. Barcelona unveils the First Ever NFT in Times Square NYC

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Supporters of one of the most successful soccer teams might be thrilled to see their beloved club’s logo at the center of New York City, Times Square. The team, F.C. Barcelona, has picked Johan Cruyff, one of its renowned players, to represent the first ever NFT in Times Square NYC. Johan, whose professional career lasted five years, from 1973 to 1978, created several memories in the F.C. Barcelona will represent the club’s inaugural NFT.

Even though the player died in 2016, the team has decided to keep his legacy alive through Web 3.0.

Here in Times Square for the launch of the first Barça NFT!

— F.C. Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) July 28, 2022

Immortal, in a Way, Courtesy of Web 3.0

The outstanding incident recorded in Barcelona’s NFT shows Cruyff “flying” above the F.C. Atletico Madrid goalkeeper in 1973. The somewhat mystical work of art will be auctioned off in Times Square. The lowest offer is fixed at $120,000, and the NFT will be unveiled in a golden casing.

Additionally, the auction will be online and offline in Times Square, New York, with the NFT highlighting the animation picture of the most incredible time in historical football records. It will be revealed with four other NFTs—still photos from the original animated NFT.

The happy holder who claims the NFT will also come with several benefits, such as meetings before F.C. Barcelona competitions, VIP seating, restricted events for members only, hosting rights, and more are available. The ‘Barça Digital Ambassador’ pass will be usable for a minimum of 5 years, and the NFT’s future holder will have special entrance to training sessions. For crypto devotees, acquiring a feel for F.C. Barcelona is much easier than ever.

The Johan Cruyff-themed artwork will be sold in New York for $120,000.

July 29, 2022 — CBS Sports Golazo (@CBSSportsGolazo)

9 Additional F.C. Barcelona NFTs to Come

There’s no need to panic for Barcelona fans who are late to the party. The official football club NFT, named ‘Immortal, Of a Way,’ will be the first piece in a much larger series, according to a post shared in Barcelona.

Furthermore, the NFT collections included F.C. Barcelona’s “historical past and the team’s legacy.” It was also stated that every valuable event of F.C. Barcelona’s past must be comprehended independently. The club has collaborated with BCN Visuals to bring it to reality.

Consequently, the club hopes to generate a “cinematic experience” for the legendary club’s most ardent supporters. Obviously, a great deal of effort has been sacrificed into creating the sports NFT collection for it to be a remarkable work of digital art.

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According to reports, 40 of Hollywood’s best visual effects and computer graphics artists have been brought on board for the project. The main cornerstone NFT piece will also include a recording featuring an original orchestra mixed with the resounding echoes experienced by the energetic spectator at Camp Nou.

Reports from F.C. Barcelona show that the artisans spent over 10,000 hours building the incredible NFT collection, with the sculpture of Johan Cruyff alone taking 1,000 hours.

Why You Should Be Concerned

Sports NFTs are increasingly prevalent, and the recent surge in partnership between blockchain technology providers and sports is expected to produce more than $2 billion in 2022. With NFTs becoming more common, it will be attention-grabbing to watch which renowned sports teams will be the frontier of this innovation.

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