GameStop unveils its public beta NFT Marketplace and Wallet

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On Monday, GameStop, a gaming giant, launched its non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that intends to offer high-speed and low fees transactions in the industry. Users can trade, sell, buy, and create NFTs. Although the company isn’t the first to go this route, it tends to distinguish itself as its marketplace features several functionalities.

These functionalities allow users to access NFTs statistics and educational materials. Educational content focuses on everything about NFT. Furthermore, it also covers the basics and how users can connect their wallets to the NFTs marketplace.

The GameStop NFTs marketplace is a non-custodial Ethereum layer 2-based application. Users can access the marketplace through the GameStop unique Wallet. The company also made it easier for people to use other Ethereum-compatible wallets to connect to its marketplace. Cointelegraph first announced the plan by GameStop concerning its NFT marketplace and GameStop wallet.

The NFT marketplace highlights NFT creators, featured NFTs, and collections within the main application screen. The Explore interface makes it possible for a thorough analysis of the market. Currently, the marketplace has over 236 NFT collections.

Immutable X is bringing several Web3 games to the market, including Gods Unchained, Illuvium, and Guild of Guardians. Immutable X and GameStop teamed up back in February. Since this is a public beta, customers can anticipate downtime until the marketplace’s complete version is published.

GameStop Partnership with Immutable X

In February 2022, GameStop and ImmutableX confirmed a partnership, with the famed brick-and-mortar video game retailer choosing the Ethereum NFT scaling platform to create its own NFT marketplace.

According to the statement from earlier this year, the market will be wholly carbon-neutral and have no gas costs. To lure potential NFT content producers and creators, both companies agreed to a $100 million incentive program that would be rewarded in IMX tokens.

Since May 2020, when the company issued its initial requests for software developers with expertise in Solidity, React, and Python to apply to join its team, GameStop’s NFT move has been a work in progress. The layer-2 scaling protocol released a beta version of the GameStop NFT marketplace in March 2022.

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