Infinite Standard enables NFT minting for $2

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Non-fungible token (NFT) minting is an expensive venture, no thanks to high gas price and the high cost of maintaining the minting equipment, and that’s why the team at Charged Particles protocol launched the ERC721i (“Infinite”) standard to enable NFT minting at a negligible cost.

ERC721i “Infinite” standard enables NFT minting for $2.

According to Mr. Rob Secord, Charged Particles’ Co-founder, the introduction of the ERC721i (“Infinite”) standard will enable NFT users to mint large drops of NFTs at a reduced price of $2. “Unlike the existing NFT minting technology: Lazy Minting and Azuki’s Batch Minting, the ERC721i (“Infinite”) standard will help to remove the high transfer fees payable by users,” Mr. Rob said.

The ERC721i (“Infinite”) standard was designed by Open Zeppelin. To make the technology work, the team at Charged Particles slightly adjusted the system from private to internal. The system change, notably the “ERC721Enumerable” was rewritten to achieve the desired functionality. The adjustment created room for millions of non-fungible tokens to be created with sequential token IDs.

Cheapest NFTs on the market

“The company is looking at integrating the ERC721i (“Infinite”) standard with the two leading NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare. NFT enthusiasts can then access these marketplaces to buy, sell, or trade NFTs without paying so much on transfer fees,” Mr. Secord shared. Mr. Secord also adds that “in the coming weeks, the sales of ERC721i NFTs will be automated with OpenSea JavaScript SDK to further open up more opportunities for feeless minting on Ethereum and EVM-compatible blockchains.”

The benefit of the ERC721i (“Infinite”) standard is so obvious: feeless minting and integration with popular NFT marketplaces. That’s not all; this method also closely copies adopted minting standards. According to Etherscan tracker, NFT sales and transfers come at a fairly cheap rate of between $1.5 and $2 per token on most NFT marketplaces, as of press time.

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