NFT Artist Loses $150K to Hackers

Jamal Molla
Written By Jamal Molla
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DeeKay, an NFT artist, has recently lost $150K to hackers who targeted his Twitter account. The hackers posted a phishing link through which illicit transactions can be approved and successfully withdrew that amount of digital assets from the compromised account.

The hackers deceived DeeKay’s followers into opening a link to a fake website by posting some phishing links on his Twitter page. The followers were convinced that the reputable NFT artist intended to launch another digital collection codenamed “The LetsWalk Collection.”

They signed up on this fake website where they approved illegal transactions that eventually cost the artist a small fortune of his digital assets.

One of his followers, Sean, confirmed the attack. The link posted by the hackers redirected users to a replicate of DeeKay’s official frontend. They were lured into clicking an approval button disguised as an option to claim the non-fungible tokens. Thanks to the deceit, they ignorantly walked into the hackers’ traps and opened the door for the hackers to wipe the users’ accounts clean.

Five hours after the attack, DeeKay allayed his followers’ fears by assuring them that he has retrieved his account while simultaneously apologizing for the unfortunate incident. He also expressed his gratitude to everyone who raised an alarm and saved other users from falling victim.

The artist claimed he initially panicked after it dawned on him that his account has been compromised leading to that huge loss. He encouraged victims to comment on this post and thus initiate interaction with others and find a lasting solution to the attack.

Reports by on-chain data revealed that cyber criminals made away with 65 NFTs from multiple followers while the attack lasted. There are indications that hit attackers have sold over $91,000 worth of NFTs and have successfully moved acquired Ethereum to a different digital wallet.

DeeKay still has some 50NFTs with a total worth of $52,000 in his wallet and hopes to fortify his security and rebuild his brand gradually.

One of the victims of the unfortunate attack claimed that he lost 4 Cool Cats and 3 Azuki NFTs, costing him a lot of money.

Phishing attacks aren’t a novelty in the cyberspace but they are escalating with each passing day. That attacks on DeeKay’s Twitter account aren’t a one-off thing. UniSwap was recently attacked by a malicious cybercriminal. The company lost some $8.6 million worth of cryptocurrency to that attack.

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