NFTWatcher Creates NFT Tool Where Users Can Sort NFTs Based on their Rarity

Jamal Molla
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NFTWatcher has released an NFT tool where users can sort NFTs based on their rarity scores. The special search tool will make it easier for users to search the NFT community for new projects, especially new and exciting projects.

The tool is equipped with some filters that use an NFT object’s rarity as the search parameter. The “Sort by Rarity Ranks” feature is specifically designed for users to search for and find the rarest items.

Besides rarity, other search queries include type, ID, price, owners, and a host of others that make searching for NFTs with specific features super easy for users.


NFT enthusiasts may consider using this tool and leverage its benefits for a memorable experience in the NFT space:

  • Users can effortlessly find the best NFTs based on their preferred requirements such as owner, type, rarity, name, and so on.
  • You can get a curated list of both existing and upcoming NFT collections through the tool.
  • Current prices and price history are other features you can use to find necessary information about NFTs, according to your specific needs

The tool has helped with tracking some of the most popular NFT projects such as Cryptopunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Doodles as reported by GlobeNewsWire.

Providing the best search resources and tools, offers a great search algorithm in addition to:

  • Breaking NFT-related news.
  • List of the best NFT projects updated regularly.
  • Advertising options for interested parties.
  • A detailed description of NFT projects to help users understand each project better. It also helps them know the best projects that check their boxes.

The new tool will be a game-changer for investors. It will make searching for specific NFT projects or collections super simple according to their rarity and other relevant factors.

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