Quick.com Offers Businesses Lucky Number NFT Domains on its Platform

Jamal Molla
Written By Jamal Molla
I write about cryptocurrency, with a special interest in NFT and metaverse in particular.

Quick.com has offered businesses an opportunity to mint their NFT domains on its platform. The domain registration will allow them to perform several functions such as decentralized web page hosting and digital wallet address changing.

It also enables them to take advantage of the evolving decentralized Web3, virtual universe, and other related technologies. Early birds will have the golden opportunity of obtaining their lucky numbers easily.

Minting NFT domains is neither a trend nor a fad. It’s an innovation that optimizes blockchain technology , allowing users to not only construct decentralized websites, but giving them full ownership and control over their content and data, a contrast to conventional domains that are controlled by some regulatory bodies.

What is a Lucky Number?

In the NFT domains context, the lucky number concept is “a religious or a spiritual belief attached to a digit or a number in the hope that it will bring luck and happiness” if such a number is attached to a digital wallet via NFT domains available on Quick.com.

Thanks to the top-level domains that Quick.com offers for different types of businesses, users no longer have to struggle to get a lucky number domain.  Due to the increasing demand for such lucky numbers, users are advised to act swiftly to take advantage of the limited opportunities currently on offer.

Numerical data offers marketers a straightforward and convenient method to give their brands more exposure and a global image.

With the human’s ability to effortlessly recall behaviors, events, feelings, and other emotions through numerical data, a special domain name will be permanently engraved on their memory. That may spell more traffic and patronage for the business.

Irrespective of their language, people across the globe have an emotional attachment to numbers because they foster mental associations and convey luck, one of the reasons why users are advised to take action right now and secure the rare numerical NFT domains.

Once they secure the unique and rare domains, they can incorporate their luck number into their decentralized website or wallet before the increasing demand for such numbers makes it increasingly difficult for users to secure them.

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