The Sandbox: Building and Launching Custom Experiences Made Easier

Jamal Molla
Written By Jamal Molla
I write about cryptocurrency, with a special interest in NFT and metaverse in particular.

The Sandbox, a voxel empire, has given users across the globe asset publishing opportunities. It has opened the door to every registered member of the platform to develop their incredible creations and share them with the global community.

Promising builders on the platform can seize the opportunity to use the VixEdit program to create assets and launch custom experiences. They can then publish their creations via the game maker gallery for public consumption. In the future, the team will add minting and trading features to the platform.

Builders can make their publishing dream come true by following a five-step guide to create and launch their unique experiences.

  1. Create an Account: The custom experience creation and publishing opportunities are exclusively reserved for registered members of The Sandbox platform. If you are yet to create an account on the platform, click this link sign up pronto.
  2. Download VoxEdit: Once you’re done with your account creation and identity verification, the next thing is to download the tool you need to turn your experience into an item. Download VoxEdit here.
  3. Create an Asset: You now have the tool you need to create an asset. Click this link to create an asset of your choice.
  4. Export your Asset to the Marketplace: After creating your asset it, intimate the community of your creation by exporting your asset to the Marketplace.
  5. Save or Publish Your Creation: If you are content with saving your work as a draft, go ahead and do that. Otherwise, you may publish it on The Sandbox Game Maker.

Note that only published assets can be shared in the Game Maker Draft Gallery. It is equally important to understand that you don’t need to mint your asset before you can publish it. Publishing and minting aren’t synonymous because the published assets on The Sandbox aren’t NFTs.

Budding creators should notice that their creations aren’t non-fungible tokens (NFTs) at the moment. However, plans are underway by The Sandbox to add minting and trading functionality to the platform to allow creators to market their items within The Sandbox marketplace.

The team has promised to make it possible for builders to deploy their unique experiences to their Sandbox LAND and subsequently released their creations to the public for public consumption by the end of the year.

That will enable creators to mint and monetize their creations on The Sandbox Marketplace before the year runs out.

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