Three gaming projects cooperating to create a new NFT trend in the GameFi industry

Jamal Molla
Written By Jamal Molla
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The new NFT trend in the GameFi industry has indeed changed the way and manner people make money off the internet. NFTs are digital and unique cryptographic tokens that are not replicable and exist on a blockchain. They represent real-world items like real estate and artwork. Tokenizing NFTs makes investing, trading, and selling them more efficient, and thus helps prevent the probability of theft and fraud.

NFTs have a wide range of use-cases, including in the GameFi industry, where gamers and gaming enthusiasts can earn money by doing what they love the most. Momentum in NFTs shifts to brands. More so, the introduction of Web3 has changed the traditional approach of how people play games and earn money online. Presently, you can trade digital collectibles like in-game items, skins, and weapons on the global market. You can also interact with those you are dealing with. All these are made possible by NFTs.

To further incentivize their community, recently, three gaming projects signed a partnership agreement to create a new NFT trend in the GameFi industry. The NFT in-game skin will occur in 2023 after the release of Alpha versions of all games. Experts believe that the strategic collaboration will break boundaries of the gaming experience. WarQube, a standard play-to-earn game, is collaborating with iDos Games, a mobile game developer, and Big Forge Games, a gaming platform, to integrate NFT in-game skins. The NFT in-game skin will be available and usable in each other’s games. This partnership offers a novel way of using non-fungible tokens to create in-game value.

About WarQube game

WarQube is a 3D video game built on top of the blockchain. WarQube combines high-quality graphics and interesting gameplay to offer value to gamers. You can earn tokens by engaging in warfare.

About ShootGun (By iDos Games)

ShootGun is a free NFT shooting game. ShootGun lets you earn NFTs by shooting enemies in different game modes.

About Lift & Shoot (By BFG)

Lift & Shoot is an action game with line defense elements in a zombie horror environment. You will earn tokens in the form of NFTs by fighting zombies and upgrading your skills.

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