We Aren’t Banning NFTs – Epic Games

Jamal Molla
Written By Jamal Molla
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Recently, Minecraft developers made the headlines when they banned non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Mojang Studios believed that NFTs’ speculations, risks of exclusions, scarcity, and scams that many people have attributed to it don’t align with the game’s principle and thus banned NFT integrations.

The move didn’t go well with the NFT community who considered such a ban as nothing but a controversial action. They are concerned about the potential effect of the ban on the brand and its dependent projects. On the other hand, anti-crypto gamers welcomed the development with open hands as they deemed the move overdue. They applauded Mojang Studios for taking that step.

In contrast to Minecraft’s stance on NFTs, Tim Sweeney, Epic Games founder, expressed his continuous support for NFTs. The CEO claimed that his company won’t ban the technology but pledged to allow developers some freedom of expression. He tweeted that developers “should be free to decide how to build their games.”

He went further: “You are free to decide whether to play them. I believe stores and Operating System makers shouldn’t interfere by forcing their views on to others.”

The CEO’s tweet attracted a lot of responses. A Twitter user asked questions bothering on Epic Games’ policy frowning at hateful and discriminatory content. He wanted to know whether the restriction on such content differs from the total ban.

In response, the Epic Games’ CEO explained that the company makes “editorial” judgments that don’t cover NFTs.

The announced NFT ban by Minecraft has been problematic for NFT Worlds, a project specifically built on Minecraft’s open source server. The team announced that it’s already brainstorming on the best solution to the problem to enable it to move on with the project, the ban notwithstanding.

The team is also contemplating switching to a GameFi platform or something similar to Minecraft if its solution talks with Minecraft don’t yield positive results.

Before the ban, Minecraft was the host community for an NFT and crypto ecosystem and some Crypto Games That Strengthen VC Investments. The NFT section was generating about 51,000 ETH or some $81 million worth of trading volume.

Since the announcement, NFTs have dropped to 1.01ETH from 3.33ETH. WRDL, its native token, has also felt the impact of the ban as it reduced by 55% during the same period.

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